Alphasmart, Baby

by Stephanie Payne on June 10th, 2009
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I wrote a different post earlier about the alphasmart, because she arrived on Friday and I was utterly entranced by the fact that I finally had my hands on an AlphaSmart. Part of me keeps going “It’s not the model you wanted,” but still, even if she has a few years on her, has travelled from farther away than I have even gone and is a bit on the clacky side… I love her!

Other than last months Post-O-Rama because of NaPoBloMo I haven’t been writing all that much of late. I try but I am the internets bitch and Google Reader has enslaved me, etc, etc. This, however? I can write almost anywhere I want to. If I have a sudden idea for another story while I’m typing I can quickly switch to another file and start writing that and get it off my chest so that I can keep going on what I had been writing. It’s a Blessing in a Bad Taste of Plastic. :D

I do lament the lack of actual italics but I can write it in whats known as MarkDown, which is using simple symbols to mark places of formatting, such as _ around things I want italic, * around things I want bold and if I send the text to WriteMonkey I can export that as HTML because that program recognises the MarkDown for what it is supposed to be.

I’ll admit that other than few things I ended up deleting I have only really started on a HP AU Fanfic that may never see the light of day outside my computer… but writing is writing, right? ;) :read:

For those who have forgotten, my AS I was bidding for on Ebay (Did I talk about that on here?!) is an AlphaSmart 3000. The model is from the early 2000′s though which year I can’t quite remember. It’s also second hand from a school (don’t ask me which, I covered the sharpie in stickers) but there’s hardly a scratch on it. I’m trying a simple mod on the keyboard which won’t harm it but should make the effort of the keys less and thus make it better on my poor, much abused fingers. For now I’ve just been adapting to it, the keyboard is actually a rather decent size and the AS itself really isn’t that heavy at all though I intend on making it a bag or something so I don’t drop it, despite thee sturdiness of the machine. I mist confess every time I look at it and more often when I pick her up to use her I get all excited inside because I had to wait two and a half freaking years before I could even get my nimble little fingers onto an old model!

So. Who has name ideas for my baby girl?

Alphasmart, Fresh from the Box!

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  • Fizen

    Ah, it’s always good to know there’s other fans of the AS3000. I still want a Neo, though.

    As for names, I’m not sure. I name all of mine after Greek gods, though. My AS3K is named Apollo (:

    • I want a Neo, too. But they cost way more in Australia and it makes me want to cry a little… but any Alphasmart is better than no Alphasmart. :flail:

      I’ve been flicking around on naming sites for ideas, I’m considering some names.. my computer is called Hecate.

  • Tiffany

    Ah! I’m a recent purchaser of the Alphasmart 3000 as well! I also wanted to get the neo but even in the US for a poor university student like me I couldn’t take the plunge. I heard the neo has a wordcount too which is perfect for Nanowrimo. Nevertheless the 3000 is an excellent machine. Just as light discomfort with the keyboard. There’s a way to mod it so it’s more comfortable to type with. I’ve heard some users stick rubber bands under each key to make it more springy.

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